Expressions of Interest

The Broadspec project is recruiting collaborating researchers and physicians for each of the four cancer types (details here).  Since the project will get underway with a very small number of patients as initial cases, physicians will be hand selected and recruited based on their interest in the project and their clinical experience.  Provided the clinical results in the early cases are encouraging, a broader outreach will then be undertaken.

This project is non-profit and not funded externally, so researchers and physicians who are interested in taking part in this project will not receive compensation for their participation.  However, collaborating researchers and physicians will receive individualized case-related guidance, including recommendations and rationale for a personalized therapeutic protocol and detailed guidance/advice for ongoing patient management (provided the physician has at least one patient that meets the project criteria for inclusion).   Collaborating researchers/physicians will be responsible for IRB approval, however assistance with this submission will be provided.   Collaborating researchers/physicians will also be responsible for the patient relationship, all clinical decisions, case documentation, and for sharing details of case management and outcomes (i.e., when it comes to publishing the results), although guidance will be provided in all of these areas as well.

Patients will need to pay the fees are normally levied by the physician for treatment and any costs related to the medications that are recommended or prescribed.

We are currently recruiting researchers and physicians who have experience treating and supporting patients with any of the cancer types mentioned above.  If you are physician and interested in getting involved, please fill out the Expression of Interest form below.

Project Details (Download this PDF Broadspec_1.2.1)